rage and serenity
On A Roll
By Icona Pop


click play to be penetrated by two girls

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wooo my first full day at germany???!?!!?!
get ready for some pictures tomorrow ;;;;


time for a 7 hour flight with no wifi and a 5 inch screen that only shows a map or reruns of the big band theory


woo im going to germany in a couple hours!!!




I love how potato in French is pomme de terre, which pretty much means “earth apple.”

like what stupid frenchman saw this:


and said “zis petite légume looks like a, how you say, APPLE! hmmm… but it grows in ze earth… HON HON HON! MAIS OUI! C’EST UNE POMME DE TERRE!”

j’adore comment ananas se dit pineapple en anglais, ce qui veut littéralement dire “pomme de pin, genre quel type anglais a vu ça:

et s’est dit : “ow cette étrange big fruit ressemble à une, how do you say, POMME! hmmm… mais plutôt une pomme qui pousse dans les pins… HU HU HU! OH YES, IT’S A PINEAPPLE!

(z’avez vu, on peut le faire aussi… hon hon hon!)

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Stay With Me (Sam Smith cover)
By Florence + the Machine



Florence and the Machine - Stay With Me (Sam Smith cover)
[live @ Orange Warsaw Festival 06.14.2014] xx

This is out of this world. 


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You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
By The Offspring



With a thousand lies
And a good disguise
Hit ‘em right between the eyes ! 

So dance, fucker, dance.

I never get tired of this song.

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7/ of michael fassbender

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Link Dump


Trying to clean up my bookmarks, so I thought I’d post some of the reference materials online that I have used. They range from articles from academic journals to databases to pages I literally just grabbed an image from. Just because it’s posted here, don’t assume anything is “correct information”. There are starting points, not conclusions.

The Black King in Manuscripts

Moors in the European Renaissance

Image of the Black in Western Art

Image of the Black in Western Art 2

Painted Black in Europe

A View on Race in the Art World

Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe

Additional Art of Renaissance Europe

From Kongo to Othello to Tango

Revealing the African Presence review

Revealing the African Presence: Multimedia & Images

Race and the Idea of the Aesthetic

Costumes Anciens et Modernes

Ancient and Modern Dress in Diverse Parts of the World

Africans in Yorkshire-English Genealogy

Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

List of Black/African Saints

Mongol Elements in Western Medieval Art

The Equiano Center-The Slavery Trail

From Majesty to Mystery-Change in Meanings of Black Madonnas from the 16th to 19th Centuries

Nigra Sum, sed Formosa: The Black Saints in Catholic Tradition

The Madonna and the Cuckoo: An Exploration in European Symbolic Conceptions

The Cult of the Black Virgin

The Web Gallery of Art

Romani in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Innovations of Caravaggio’s Fortune Teller

Jacob Jordaens and Moses’ Ethiopian Wife

Esther Schreuder

Ethiopian Christ Icon Found

Sigilum Secretum: Image of the Moor’s Head in Medieval Iconography

The Great Encounter of China and the West: Fragrant Concubine search

Lessing Images

Black Knights, Green Knights, Knights of Color All A-Round: Race and the Round Table

Black Germany, History of the Holy Roman Black Empire

Imperator Totius Hispanae: Leon and Castile 1086-1157

The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages

Problems of Studying the Role of Blacks in Europe

Across Cultural Borders: Historiography in Global Perspective

Pages from the Cantigas de Santa Maria

Eckhout’s 8 Brazilian Portraits

Fifteenth Century Manuscripts: Fear of the Ottomans and help from Ethiopia

Association for Critical Race Art History

Black Magi in European Art

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This actually makes sense

your move america 

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